интернет магазин книг

интернет магазин книг
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Беларус Строй - строительство коттеджей, строительные и ремнотные работы в Санкт-Петербурге и области Беларус-Строй - строительство в Санкт-Петербурге и области. Строительство коттеджей. Строительство домов. Строительство бань. Строительство гаражей. Строительство помещений. Строительство по технологии VELOX. Строительство из бруса. Строительство из бревна. Строительство из пеноблоков. Строительство из газобетонных блоков. Строительство из щепоцементных плит. Телефон +7 921 7439159 Фото данного объекта вы можете запросить у автора объявления   belarussto

гостиница JOLLY MARINA 4* first Местонахождение: Порт Адрес: MOLO PONTE CALVIS, 16124 GENOVA, ITALY, Телефон: 39-010-25391, Факс: 39-010-2511320 Количество комнат: 133 Скидки детям: с 2 по 12 лет. Баров: 1 Банкетных залов: 7 Обслуживание: c 700 до 100 Описание: Расположение PORT 10 km to the nearest airport: GOA 2 minute walk to nearest bus stop. Дополнительная информация LOCATION The hotel is located by the harbour. It is far from city center 20 minutes walking. It is really close to the biggest aquarium in Europe. ROOMS Rooms are medium sized with parquet floor. Bedspreads well co-ordinated with curtains, in golden colour as wooden funiture. Rooms are decorated in a simple but charming style. RESTAURANT The restaurant is located on the ground floor. Since it has glass walls, clients can have a complete harbour overlooking. Tile floor, it is decorated with dark wood furniture in an old fashioned sailor style. Brass lamps, over the tables, make the atmosphere very intimate.The celing is covered by white drapery curtains, looking as sails. The hotel has also a breakfast room on the ground floor. It is has big windows and it is also very bright. Round tables and cushioned chairs, sofa for having re relax. EXTERIOR This is a 2-floor antique pink building, Modern and long with a chalet fashion-style roof.It is in front of the dock. LOBBY Spacious creamy marble sized, with wooden furniture.The reception desk is in fornt of the entrance and at the left side od the desk there ia the sitting area. It is decorated in a simple but refined style, with red leather armchairs and coffee tables, spread all over this area, including bar area. Green plants give the final touch. GENERAL This is a good first class property 13.08.03 A.DP. События 01.09.2004 - 30.09.2004: Emergency medicine and surgery 14.09.2004 - 17.09.2004: Energy and Environment 22.09.2004 - 24.09.2004: Congress-Medicine and Surgery 26.09.2004 - 28.09.2004: Congress Neurology 07.10.2004 - 09.10.2004: Congress of Facial surgery 08.10.2004 - 17.10.2004: Nautical Fair 20.10.2004 - 23.10.2004: National SITI congress 19.11.2004 - 20.11.

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